Denise K. Netko, MS, LMFT

AAMFT Supervisor in Training, Owner

Denise K. Netko is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in the treatment of individuals, couples, families and adolescents. 

While earning her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Clarke University, Denise worked extensively with children and adolescents in the Dubuque community, as well as in internships in New York and Montana, working with children and adolescents affected by social, emotional, and learning challenges.  Denise then went on to earn her Master’s of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with specialization in Child and Adolescent Development, from Purdue University.  Throughout her graduate education, Denise was involved in the research of the effects of trauma on eating disorders and self-esteem.  Denise completed her Master’s Thesis on The Relationship between Sexual Assault and Eating Disorder Symptoms. 

Upon completing her graduate education, Denise began working for Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4).  She provided community based psychiatric crisis intervention, assessment, and therapy services to children, young adults, and their families.  With over 15 years of experience working with children & adolescents, Denise works at length with trauma, family dynamic issues and crisis intervention.

Denise actively engages with clients to facilitate insight into their lives, relationships and behavioral patterns. This is accomplished through the exploration of problematic issues, family and relationship patterns, and life experiences.  Denise dedicates herself to providing a safe and supportive environment for her clients while working toward treatment goals.  Her approach is collaborative, and she works to empower clients in order to create growth and healing within treatment.  

Denise is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and a member of the Illinois Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (IAMFT).  She co-authored the chapter Risk Factors and Suicide, published in the textbook Ethics and Professional Issues in Couple and Family Therapy.  Additionally, she is a Level 2 trained Gottman Couples Therapist and is an AAMFT Supervisor in Training.


Neiha Dhar, MS, LMFT

Neiha Dhar is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents, individuals, couples, and families.

Neiha earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Rochester.  She then went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University. 

Her graduate and post-graduate experiences include providing treatment in an all female-identified residential treatment center; and at the Community Counseling Center of Chicago (C4) providing outpatient therapy for individuals and families experiencing acute trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Neiha draws from her significant clinical experience in the therapy room and often utilizes mindfulness techniques in her treatment.  Her clinical interests include depression, anxiety, relational conflict, grief, communication patterns, multi-ethnic couples, gender role pressures, and issues related to gender and sexual identity. She is also a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, which is an effective assessment tool often used when working with couples to enhance relationship quality.

She has a special interest in culturally diverse relationships.  As a child of immigrant parents, Neiha is able to provide special insight into immigrant family backgrounds.

Neiha believes in promoting a safe, relaxed atmosphere in the therapy room to help clients feel comfortable exploring and sharing difficult topics.  She views her clients’ presenting concerns in the context of their relationships and the communities they identify with.  Neiha is dedicated to helping clients to develop relational skills that are critical in personal, academic, and professional settings which will enable them to enjoy more successful, meaningful lives.

Neiha is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and a member of the Illinois Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (IAMFT).  Additionally, she has received post-graduate training in body focused repetitive behaviors (i.e., nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling) from the TLC Foundation for BFRBs and also in integrated healthcare and medical family therapy from the University of Rochester.


Karen F. Brunetti, MA, AMFT

Karen Brunetti is an associate Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in the treatment of individuals, couples, families and adolescents.

 Karen graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and minors in Sociology and Women’s Studies. During her time at UNH, she worked in the Intimate Partner Violence research lab, completing and presenting a study exploring factors that contribute to rape myth endorsement in high school students. She then went on to receive her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University.

While in graduate school, Karen served clients in a University-run therapy clinic for members of the greater Syracuse area. She provided therapy for a variety of clients and worked extensively with blended families, relationship ambivalence, parent/teenager relationships, and depression/anxiety. Karen also facilitated a support group for first year students in her program beginning clinical practice.

After completing her graduate education, Karen worked with the Upward Bound program at LeMoyne College, supporting underserved high school students in their ambition to attend and graduate from college. Karen has a passion for working with students and their families, to help to create positive and successful experiences in higher education.

Karen approaches therapy with a goal to create a relaxed and safe environment to explore emotions and cultivate a deeper understanding of the self. She believes that understanding the self allows people to engage with the world and people around them more authentically, resulting in stronger and more genuine relationships and a meaningful experience of life.

Her clinical interests focus on family dynamic issues, relational issues, individual life cycle transitions, and depression/anxiety related issues.

Karen is a Pre-Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).